Real Estate Investing for Cash

Real Estate Investing is still the safest investment available today. However, in today's market it is very important not to make costly mistakes such as overpaying for a property, buying properties sight-unseen, underestimating remodeling costs or having a poor exit strategy. That's where we come in. At First Place Real Estate Group we will provide investor's with all the tools needed to buy properties well below market value, complete the needed repairs and then sell these properties for a profit. To accomplish this we have access to foreclosed and bank owned properties, a network of licensed and insured contractors, but most importantly buyers. In other words, in all of our real estate deals we have identified a qualified buyer for the property before you buy it. For you as an investor to make a profit it is our job to find good, cheap properties.  In our business model we target properties of $100,000 or below. However, our commitment to you is not complete until we sell your property for a Cash profit. Our buyers are first time home buyers who can easily qualify for 100% financing on a home. If you would like to learn more on Real Estate Investing for Cash please contact Rich Riley at (919)889-3789.